Top 5 Fishing Rods for Micro Fishing

The second question after “what hooks do I use?” is “what rod do I use.” Rods really aren’t hard to find.

Top Five Fishing Rods for Micro Fishing

There’s an assortment of rods that I use for micro fishing. Reels aren’t necessary but some anglers use them as well.

My go-to rod for most Shiners, Chubs, Dace, etc. is a 10 foot B and M Crappie pole found relatively everywhere.

B n M Black Widow 10 Ft Telescoping Bream Pole
B n M Black Widow 13 Ft Telescoping Bream Pole
Maximum Catch Tenkara Telescoping 9′ 6″
FDIO 9 Ft Telescopic Pole Compact 15″ Closed
Berkley Cherrywood Ultra Light Ice Fishing Combo

I always keep a 13 footer in my car for backup, it can be used for larger fish and I use a heavier line and larger hook on this rig.

The shorter rods I use for headlamp fishing and snorkel fishing. We have used all of them and for the money they are a good choice.

Here are the Top Five Rod Picks by The Art of Micro Fishing.

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