Microfishing is the practice of catching small species of fish.

The Notropis Are Commonly Known as Eastern Shiners and Difficult to Identify Properly

Coastal Shiner-plain jane (Pee Dee River Drainage, North Carolina)

The genus notropis, or the eastern shiners, are around ninety fish species in the minnow (Leuciscidae) family that are notoriously difficult to identify. These “shiners” make up a large portion of the minnow species in eastern streams, even though most people will never know they are there. Avid microanglers will …

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Top Micro Fishing Methods for Catching Micro Suckers on Hook and Line

Micro Fishing at Night for Micro Suckers

Suckers are often overlooked in modern fishing and micro Suckers are even more overlooked. Though tricky, micro Suckers can be caught by hook and line. We prefer nighttime headlamp micro fishing for the best results with micro Suckers as they tend to hide away in the daylight hours. Micro Sucker …

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