Tungsten Putty: The Ultimate Sinker for Micro Fishing Enthusiasts


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Tungsten Putty: The Ultimate Sinker for Micro Fishing Enthusiasts

Elevate Your Micro Fishing Game with Our Premium Tungsten Putty!

Are you a passionate angler looking for an eco-friendly and versatile sinker option? Look no further! Our Tungsten Putty is the perfect solution for all your micro fishing needs. Say goodbye to traditional lead sinkers and embrace the future with our malleable tungsten putty.

Why Choose Tungsten Putty?

  • Eco-Friendly: Our tungsten putty is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to lead, ensuring the protection of our precious aquatic ecosystems.
  • Precision Weight Control: Easily pinch off the exact size you need, whether you’re fishing for darters, dace, or minnows. This precision allows for a more natural presentation and increased catch rates.
  • Adaptable and Reusable: Mold and remold to suit various fishing conditions. Our putty is durable and long-lasting, offering you countless fishing adventures.
  • Increased Sensitivity: Feel every nibble and bite with the high-density tungsten, providing superior sensitivity compared to traditional sinkers.
  • Some States Have Outlawed Lead: Washington, New York, Massachusetts and others have banned using lead to fish in small weight sizes.

Perfect for Targeting Small Species:

Designed with micro fishing enthusiasts in mind, our tungsten putty is ideal for targeting smaller species like fantail darters, rainbow darters, and other stream inhabitants. Its discreet and natural presentation won’t spook the fish, giving you the upper hand in clear and shallow waters.

Easy to Use:

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to micro fishing, our tungsten putty is incredibly user-friendly. Simply pinch off the desired amount, attach it to your line, and you’re ready to go!

Elevate your micro fishing experience with our Tungsten Putty – the smart choice for environmentally conscious and successful anglers.

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A durable container holding our premium tungsten putty, ready for your next micro fishing adventure.
Tungsten Putty: The Ultimate Sinker for Micro Fishing Enthusiasts