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DIY Worm Farm Bin for Microfishing Bait Worms

DIY Worm Bin Farm for Microfishing. Art of Microfishing

Running out to find the right worm species you want can sometimes be fruitless, and at the least a time-waster. There are several worms that can easily be kept and fed table scraps. Go out and find your preferred type of worms. Most of them will readily live and breed …

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Micro Fishing For Darters

Tangerine Darter

There are 215 species of Darters in North America. The United States, Mexico, and Canada have great angling opportunities for these super little micro fish. With a little preparation you can be on your way to adding new species to your lifelist. It isn’t always the easiest of tasks but …

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What is Micro Fishing? It's fishing for tiny little fish with tiny little micro sized hooks. Typically, micro fish are species under 8 inches or so fully grown. Tanago and Tenkara isn't exactly the same thing as micro fishing. That's why we designed the hooks: for microfishing! North America has a LOT of fish species and micro fish make up a large part of them. Life listers often fish for micro sized fish species as it adds a lot of potential species to their list of fish to catch. Using tiny hooks like the Aldridge #1 greatly increases the odds of catching them. Microfishing doesn't need a lot of micro fishing gear. Some micro hooks like the Aldridge #1 and a pole will get you started very well. Grab a pack of the Aldridge or the 1-2-3 Assortment of micro hooks and get started micro fishing. You will love it!