Micro fishing uses micro fishing gear designed to help you catch small fish. Fly tying micro hooks intended for larger game fish are sometimes used but are better suited for finicky trout than tiny Dace and Darters. It is better to use gear that was developed and tested for micro fishing like the Aldridge #1 Micro Fishing Hooks.

Telescopic hand rods are well suited for micro fishing. They let you get into weedbeds and structure where many small fish seek safety. A snelled hook and a bit of worm on the end of a telescopic hand pole will bring many new species to hand.

If you are looking for micro fishing gear to catch the most you can don’t rely on tackle that was designed to catch tiny Tanago carp use something designed for a wider variety of species like the Aldridge #1 Micro Hooks and the 1-2-3 Micro Fishing hooks from The Art of Micro Fishing.

Micro Fishing

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