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How to Make Micro Fishing Dough Bait Quick and Easy

Dough Bait is a Great Micro Fishing Bait

Looking for a new fishing bait that is both effective and easy to make? Check out this micro fishing dough bait recipe! Dough bait is perfect for catching micro fish, such as Dace and Darters, and can be prepared in just a few minutes. You probably already have the ingredients …

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Is Micro Fishing the Same as the Tenkara Fishing Technique?

Tenkara fishing is a great method of angling for trout and panfish.

Tenkara is a Japanese method of fixed line style fly fishing. The angler uses light action poles and line to catch Salmon and Trout which hardly classify as microfish. Tenkara was and still is used to catch mostly Trout in small mountain streams. Some anglers have adapted and use it …

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Micro Fishing is the Art of Catching Very Small Fish

Dalmatian Gambusia

Micro fishing is a type of fishing that uses extremely small hooks to catch tiny fish. At The Art of Micro Fishing we prefer using our Aldridge #1 pre snelled micro fishing hooks. Micro fishing is growing in popularity and is now a global pastime. It is inexpensive and finding …

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What is Micro Fishing? It's fishing for tiny little fish with tiny little micro sized hooks. Typically, micro fish are species under 8 inches or so fully grown. Tanago and Tenkara isn't exactly the same thing as micro fishing. That's why we designed the hooks: for microfishing! North America has a LOT of fish species and micro fish make up a large part of them. Life listers often fish for micro sized fish species as it adds a lot of potential species to their list of fish to catch. Using tiny hooks like the Aldridge #1 greatly increases the odds of catching them. Microfishing doesn't need a lot of micro fishing gear. Some micro hooks like the Aldridge #1 and a pole will get you started very well. Grab a pack of the Aldridge or the 1-2-3 Assortment of micro hooks and get started micro fishing. You will love it!