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Welcome to the Art of Micro Fishing, the ultimate hub for exceptional micro fishing gear. Delve deep into the world of microfishing with our unparalleled size #30 hooks meticulously crafted from premium materials. Each hook is hand-snelled with a 30cm leader ensuring you’re equipped to target and catch the most elusive micro fish species with precision.

Our dedication to the craft is evident in every product. Our hooks have undergone rigorous global testing boasting successful catches of fish as petite as 19mm in length. Recognizing the limitations of traditional trout fly and tanago fish hooks we embarked on a journey to innovate. The outcome? Our specialized snelled micro hooks designed exclusively for the diverse challenges of micro fishing. They not only ensure a secure grip on micro fish but also offer ease of use with a looped leader.

Elevate your microfishing adventures with Art of Micro Fishing. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and performance sets us apart in the micro fishing realm. Dive into the world of micro fishing with the best gear in hand. Order yours today and redefine your angling experience!

Microfishing has emerged as a popular and exciting angling technique allowing enthusiasts to target the smallest fish species with specialized equipment. Whether you’re using a micro fishing rod, micro fishing hooks, or a complete micro fishing setup, the thrill of catching tiny fish is unparalleled.

At ArtOfMicroFishing.com we offer a comprehensive micro fishing kit tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned micro anglers. Our hand-snelled hooks designed specifically for microfishing ensure a higher success rate. Our range of micro fishing rods, floats, and accessories enhances the overall experience. Dive into the world of micro fishing and discover the art of targeting micro fish with precision and skill.

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