Photarium and a Blackbanded Sunfish caught microfishing.

Photo Tanks for Pictures of Your Microfishing Catches

Photarium and a Blackbanded Sunfish caught microfishing.I have been through a lot of phototanks; from glass bottles, Betta tanks, Q tip containers, photariums, and even plastic bags.

Some work well and some just plain don’t.

We get a lot of questions about which one to pick and which one is best. There are photos of fish species in photariums or plastic betta tanks.

I feel the photarium is the best choice for clear, more professional photos, however, it’s good to have backups and spares.

Cheap betta tanks from pet stores or online are under ten bucks and are reliable as well. There are also little sick tanks for aquarium fish that have a lip to hang on to.

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