10K Giveaway The Art of Micro Fishing

Member Appreciation Contest for The Art of Micro Fishing Members!

I have done the Giveaway for the 10,000 Members in the FB Group. The three winners have been contacted through the FB group. I want to let everyone know how great you are! keep on micro fishing.

The Art of Micro Fishing is not far from reaching a Facebook group member milestone of 10,000 MEMBERS! We are THE BIGGEST micro fishing group on social media!

Our group members and team members have put in lots of hard work catching and sharing micro fish as well as helping others with the proper identification of their catches! We want to take the opportunity to celebrate this major milestone with a MICRO FISHING GIVEAWAY!

Join and Subscribe on The Art of Micro Fishing’s website at ArtOfMicroFishing.com and enter for this big milestone event.

When we reach 10,000 Facebook Group Members we will do the giveaway. The timeline we are not 100% certain about but it will be soon the way we are growing. Simply join the website with your Name and email so we can send the winners a notice and you can start getting a monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish. We don’t sell or trade your information.

Feel free to refer your fellow MICRO ANGLING friends or those fishermen wanting to learn more as we have some of the most accomplished micro fish anglers in the game as fellow members here on The Art of Micro Fishing.

Member Appreciation Drawing prizes are being mulled over. Maybe some hook packs, rods, and other micro fishing tackle? Can you think of a great way to do this? We’re thinking 3 prizes.

Let’s HIT this SOON so we can do a big giveaway!

About Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson created The Art of Micro Fishing in 2019. The platform was created to provide a place for beginners and seasoned micro anglers to come together to learn and share. You can also join the group on Facebook.

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