Tangerine Darters caught micro fishing.

The Mighty Tangerine Darter!

The Mighty Tangerine Darter!

Tangerine Darters caught micro fishing.Years back while looking through internet photos of a micro angler catching really colorful Darter species I began to explore the idea of micro fishing.

I must admit, the Tangerine Darter is the fish that got me into microfishing.
Robust, colorful, and often too quick to grab a worm bit on the bottom, Tangerine Darters are one of the giants of the Darters/Perches.

It is also my first Darter on a micro hook, and once you are able to find them, they are hard to keep off the hook.

Male Tangerine Darters put on comical displays in front of females to gain their attention and affection. They will dart around in circles around their potential mate in a sort of dance, and this is very interesting to watch.

by Tim Aldridge

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