Telescopic Hand Rod for Micro Fishing – Unleash the Thrill of Targeting Dace, Darters, and Shiners!


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Embark on thrilling micro fishing adventures with our Telescopic Hand Rod – a high-quality carbon fiber masterpiece designed to deliver exceptional performance while targeting Dace, Darters, and Shiners. Whether you choose the shortest or longest rod, you’ll have the perfect addition to your microfishing tackle collection. Closes to a pocket friendly 16 inches or 40cm so you can micro fish anywhere, even taking the bus!

Key Features:

  • High Carbon Fiber Build – Crafted from premium carbon fiber material, our micro fishing rod ensures lightweight yet durable construction, enabling precise casting and control.
  • Versatile Length Options – With various length options ranging from 1.8 meters to 4.5 meters, choose the perfect rod to suit your preferred fishing environment.
  • Short Microfishing Rod – Ideal for small creeks and streams, the short rod guarantees effortless maneuverability and access to tight fishing spots.
  • Long Microfishing Rod – Tackle challenging terrain with ease using the longer rod, reaching across weed beds and hard-to-reach holes where micro fish thrive.
  • Convenient Lillian Strings – Equipped with Lillian strings, easily tie on leaders or pre-tied micro fishing rigs, simplifying your setup for a seamless fishing experience.
  • Compact and Travel-Friendly – Easily portable, our telescopic hand rod is the perfect companion for your travels, bus trips, or quick fishing sessions on-the-go.

Choose your ideal size from our selection of telescopic hand rods and elevate your micro fishing game with precision, convenience, and excitement!

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Telescopic Hand Rod for Micro Fishing - High Carbon Fiber and Perfect for Dace, Darters, and Shiners
Telescopic Hand Rod for Micro Fishing – Unleash the Thrill of Targeting Dace, Darters, and Shiners!
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