Pinewoods Darter by Tim Aldridge

Common Southeast Darters That Are Hard to Catch

Some of the more common Darters on the east coast are some of the most frustrating to catch. These thirteen micros all inhabit in the same range but live in different habitats.

Blackwater, tannic and muddy streams are difficult to sight fish in but there are treasures below the surface.

tannic/blackwater/muddy water darters in the southeastern us

1st fish, blackbanded darter
2nd westfalls darter
276) Blackbanded Darter Percina nigrofasciata
277) Westfalls Darter Percina westfalli
284) Pinewoods Darter Etheostoma mariae
285) Savannah Darter Etheostoma fricksium
287) Turquoise Darter Etheostoma inscriptum
289) Johnny Darter Etheostoma nigrum
290) Northern Tessellated Darter Etheostoma olmstedi
291) Southern Tessellated Darter Etheostoma maculaticeps
292) Waccamaw Darter Etheostoma perlongum
302) Swamp Darter Etheostoma fusiforme
300) Carolina Darter Etheostoma collis

we can say these are typically harder to catch darters minus the johnnny and tessellated

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